Sprinkler System Tips

You probably want 1-2″ of water per week, depending on your vegetation. Measure water by placing a cup or other container in each zone. Run the system for a regular cycle and measure the amount of water in the container. This will tell you how long your system needs to run to get the right […]

Preparing for Your Sprinklers


Before installing a permanent irrigation system, you’ll need to: See if your locality requires a building permit. Check for underground utilities before digging. Before you begin any excavation (that means even digging a hole), you’ve got to call and check for underground utilities. This isn’t just a good idea, it’s the LAW. Call your local […]

Choosing The Right Irrigation Contractor For Your Project

Selecting a contractor for an irrigation system renovation can be a complex task, but making a good decision will help prevent trouble for years to come. There are three key steps to an irrigation project: Determine the system design Choose a system manufacturer Select a contractor to install the system Each step is essential for […]

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