5 Ways to Prevent Water Waste

preventing water waste

Water is an essential element that we can’t survive without.  But when we go into our gardens, we waste more of it than we know. We’re offering these 5 ways to prevent water waste in the interest of encouraging more sustainable practices.  If we all do our part, whether we’re under restriction due to drought […]

Backflow: Causes and Preventative Measures

backflow preventer

Backflow can have several causes.  Unauthorized connections to the water system are just the beginning.  Back pressure and back siphonage are two other causes of the phenomenon.  When connections to systems with superior pressure to the water service provider are added, backflow can result from back pressure. The whys. In the case of back siphonage, […]

How To Choose an Irrigation Controller

irrigation controller

If you have a sprinkler system in place, you have an irrigation controller.  This is an essential component of all sprinkler systems, allowing you to set your system to come on at the same time, for the same cycle, each day. Timing is everything. Irrigation controllers are the brains of the operation.  They’re mechanisms which […]

The Core of Your Irrigation System: The Irrigation Valve

lawn valve

Every systemic set up has a heart or core and with irrigation systems, that’s the irrigation valve.  In almost every system you can name, you’ll probably have two different types, even though there are many types of valves on the market. Not a garden valve. While many refer to irrigation control valves as “garden valves”, […]

When to Water and for How Long?

green watered lawn

It’s that time of the year.  While kids going back to school may signal Autumn for some, it’s still summer and lawns everywhere are parched. Many of you reading may be living in areas where the grass appears to have turned to straw.  That means it’s dormant, because moisture levels have decreased to a critical […]

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