Sprinkler Valves: Keeping Them Healthy

sprinkler valve

A healthy sprinkler system is all about sprinkler valves.  Keeping your valves healthy is your number one priority when stewarding the investment you’ve made in home irrigation. The biggest threat to sprinkler valve health is (by far) improper preparation for the cold months.  When water isn’t blown out of your pipes, it freezes and that […]

Prepping Your Sprinkler System For Fall

sprinkler head gushing out water

Just when you thought summer might really be endless, along comes fall.  Before the first frost, it’s crucial that you prepare your sprinkler system for the coming cold weather months. Every home with a sprinkler system should have a plan for post-growing-season prep.  Prepping your sprinkler system for fall should be on your radar early […]

There Is Still More to Do This Fall Where Your Lawn Is Concerned

hand holding seeds, green grass in the background

If you care about your lawn, you’ve probably read our fall lawn care tips.  We hope you’re taking them to heart and following the simple advice offered in that post to get your lawn ready for next year’s growing season. But there is still more to do this fall where your lawn is concerned.  Something […]

Don’t Let an Initial Sprinkler Installation Quote Deter You

three sprinklers sprinkling water on a lawn

Thinking about installing a sprinkler system for next year’s round of hot weather?  We hear from a lot of people who think about it, then don’t go ahead for one reason or another.  But we also hear from people who go ahead and are not only happy with their decision, but wish they’d done it […]

Fall Lawn Care Tips From Royal Irrigation

dry leaves on the lawn

Just when you thought you could stop dealing with the lawn, along come the pros at Royal Irrigation to put that idea to bed. It’s now that you need to give your lawn a little extra TLC. Your lawn is going to go dormant soon.  Until the first frost, it needs you your additional attention […]

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