Backflow can have several causes.  Unauthorized connections to the water system are just the beginning.  Back pressure and back siphonage are two other causes of the phenomenon.  When connections to systems with superior pressure to the water service provider are added, backflow can result from back pressure.

The whys.

In the case of back siphonage, pressure inside the system has been drastically reduced by high rates of withdrawal.  Back siphonage can also be caused by an accidental breach during construction.

All these causes add up to one thing – possible water contamination.  Unauthorized connections and accidents can make the water you rely on toxic and dangerous to consume, or sometimes even bathe in.  Even a change in water companies can create a problem, particularly with respect to connections to the system by people with no permission or supervision to connect.

The possibility of sewage entering the water supply is not the only backflow threat.  Others include the introduction of parasites and suspended debris.

What you can do.

A backflow preventer prevents the contamination of your potable water supply by liquids, gases and other contaminants.  The simplest variety is an air gap, but there are other devices you should be aware of.

Atmospheric vacuum breakers (AVBs), pressure vacuum breakers (PVBs), double check valves (DCs) and reduced pressure principle assemblies (RPSs), are the four main types of devices, aside from the air gap style.

AVBs and PVBs prevent backflow only in the instance of back siphonage.  While the AVB is considerably less expensive, it’s only effective in the instance of (for example) a small irrigation system of no more than two zones.  PVBs are more expensive, but they’re able to withstand a higher pressure around the clock, with the ability to shut off valves, when required.

DCs and RPSs are designed to prevent backflow from both back pressure and back siphonage. DCs can only protect you, though, in the instance of low-hazard scenarios, whereas RCPSs are effective in high-hazard ones.

Your best bet, when it comes to backflow preventers is to consult with your local jurisdiction before doing anything.  They’ll let you know what’s advisable and prescribed.

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Backflow: causes and preventative measures is a serious subject.  The health of your family relies on you choosing the right device for your home and its connections and systems.  We’re aware of regulatory requirements and the types of devices best suited to the needs your home.

Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company.

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