008Looking for the most efficient and economical way to water your garden and plants? Drip irrigation is your solution. At Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, we’re committed to innovative irrigation techniques and water conservation. We know that in the Northeast, a drip system is often the best route to providing your landscape and plants with a direct and specific watering schedule. This highly effective garden sprinkler system applies water slowly at the plant root zone where it’s needed most, while reducing runoff and evaporation.

Irrigation System for Flower Beds

Benefits of Drip Irrigation Installation

We recommend a drip irrigation system for many narrow planting areas, shrubs and groundcovers. By keeping moisture levels at an optimal range, drip irrigation improves their quality and productivity. In addition to a more vibrant, healthy yard, a drip system:

• Saves time, money, efforts and water because the efficiency of the garden sprinkler system
• Limits water contact with stems, leaves, stems, and fruit of plants, thus preventing disease
• Keeps rows between plants dry, minimizing weed growth
• Decreases leaching of nutrients and water below root zone

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To be efficient, a drip irrigation installation must be designed and programmed properly. That’s where Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, comes in. We will work with you one on one, carefully analyzing the specific needs of your property and discussing any concerns or questions you have about the drip system. It’s this level of communication that will ensure a successful drip irrigation system for the long run.

If your yard is in need of more effective and efficient watering, contact us about having your own custom garden sprinkler system installed today.