Everywhere you go, New Jersey is known as the Garden State.  People in New Jersey take that seriously and we do our best to live up to our reputation.

Royal Irrigation is Union County, NJ’s leading lawn care company.  With almost 2 decades serving this region, we know lawns.  We know that summer means moving life into the great outdoors to enjoy the summer lifestyle.

Superior lawn care.

For 20 years, Royal Irrigation’s experts have garnered a wealth of knowledge about lawns and how to keep them green.  Our irrigation services in Union County, NJ create the right conditions for a verdant, green summer lawn.

Our founder, Ed Rogers, believes that “green” is about much more than your lawn’s color.  In fact, “green” is a value, at Royal.

Royal Irrigation is an EPA WaterSense Partner.  By promoting sustainable technologies and practices, we contribute to the health of lawns and a cleaner environment.

Water conservation is about more than supporting the environment.  Water conservation helps keep your utility bills under control, too.  With Royal Irrigation’s water smart technologies, there’s more green in your wallet.

That’s a winning strategy!

Our partnerships.

Royal Irrigation brings you sterling quality and fantastic customer service.  Our partners are leading producers of irrigation systems, because Royal installs only the best.

Our partners manufacture the best irrigation systems available.  We’re proud to install and maintain them.  Our customers receive excellent irrigation services in Union County, NJ and the quality of our products and services is without equal.

Our promise to customers.

Royal Irrigation’s skilled team offers you irrigation services in Union County, NJ which bring your lawn outstanding service and quality.  We’re confident about that, so we guarantee it in writing.  Our work is completely guaranteed as our promise to customers.

Customer service is our top priority, at Royal.  We’re regionally known for our professionalism and attentive service.  Our customers deserve that.  Exceptional quality and service have made us the top irrigation and lawn sprinkler professionals in this county.

The Royal seasonal maintenance agreement.

Royal Irrigation is regionally renowned for its up-to-the-minute irrigation expertise.  And our services in Union County, NJ extend well beyond installation.

Our seasonal maintenance agreement is re-created for each customer to meet the individual requirements of each system installed.  Your installation is unique, so we work with you to write an agreement that responds specifically its needs.

We winterize your irrigation system in a timely manner, to prevent freezing.  You’ll also receive discounts on parts and repairs for the life of the Royal seasonal maintenance agreement.

Royal Irrigation is always at close at hand.  We stay with you, ensuring that you derive the greatest value from your irrigation system.  Our seasonal maintenance agreement is an integral part of our irrigation services in Union County, NJ.  We’re proud of it.

Let’s get started.

The lawn care experts at Royal Irrigation want to help you make the most of summer, here in New Jersey.

Give us a call.  Find out how Royal Irrigation can make your summer greener, with irrigation services in Union County, NJ.