A Cool Misting System Could Be the
Answer to All Your Outdoor Heat

If there is an outdoor area of your home or business that gets so hot in the summer that it’s impossible to enjoy it, mist cooling might be the answer. Sometimes a light mist of water can provide the perfect amount of coolness and comfort on a hot day and make areas that are in the sun all day more functional. Cooling mist can literally change your life and improve your home or business tremendously.


How Cool Misting Systems Work

The system pushes water at a high pressure through a nozzle that turns that water into a mist. There are so many water particles that they can quickly absorb the heat in the area and turn it into a gas that is evaporated into the air. This removes the heat from the area and cools it quickly. It continues to remove the heat throughout the day, so the area is always cool while the system is still powered on.

Residential Cooling

A lot of people would love to spend more time outdoors in the summer but simply can’t because of the extreme heat. Being outside just isn’t enjoyable if you are struggling to catch your breath and dripping with sweat. You could be missing out on family picnics on the patio, ballgames in the backyard, or gardening on the front porch, all because of the excessive heat. A cooling mist could make all those areas more tolerable and give you more opportunities to enjoy the outdoors and your home.

Residential Misting System Benefits

These residential Misting Systems have many benefits. You don’t have to feel trapped in your home any longer. A Misting System has the ability to cool your home quickly and efficiently.


Some of the benefits of a residential
Misting System include:

  • Absorbs Dust
  • Fights Pollen Buildup
  • Decreases Temperature
  • Expands Easily
  • Repels Insects
  • Affordable
  • Easy to Use

Commercial Cooling

If your commercial area is too hot, it might be costing you customers and even employees. Nobody wants to spend time in an area where the heat is too much to handle. A Misting System can help make your commercial space more functional and appealing to customers. It is perfect for outdoor seating areas at restaurants, cabanas, bars, gazebos, pools, and more. These commercial systems are versatile and great for a number of uses.

Commercial Misting System Benefits

A commercial Misting System can help bring in new customers and keep your current ones coming back for more. If you have a business with outdoor seating or where customers need to wait in line outdoors, a Misting System is a must. You are probably already in a competitive business, and customers are going to go where they are most comfortable. Give them a reason to come to you when it’s hot outside.


Some of the benefits of a residential Misting
System include:

  • Drops Temperature by 10 to 12 DegreesCreates a Unique Look
  • Cools Customers
  • Increases Evaporation Rates
  • Affordable
  • Fits Any Sized Area
  • Improves Air Quality
  • Eye-Catching

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