Are you looking for a lawn sprinkler system and not exactly sure what to ask the contractor who are you going to interview? Every day we help people just like you get a sprinkler system installed that delivers the right amount of water for the right parts of your property. I help people do it quickly, efficiently, and most importantly economically. I’m also going to include green features in your system making sure your water bill is kept in check. Now here is a question I get asked every day. What time should I water and for how long? Generally speaking, you want to water early in the morning. This avoids losing water in your system to evaporation as it’s hitting the grass. More importantly, though you’re going to consider where each zone is located in your lawn. Is this a lawn zone? Is this a landscape or planting zone? Each plant requires a different amount of water and you’ll set a watering schedule according to each plant’s needs as well as the soil type and what other conditions may exist on this property. Whether there’s wind exposure and things like that.

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