Royal Irrigation and their professional crew can install just about any yard lawn sprinkler system in one day from plumbing to the outside yard work. Your township will require a permit to do this work. We will file and get it for you. The first step of your job is when our licensed plumber comes to your home and ties into your main line. What you can see here is he’s installed a tee. It has been swept into the line with immaculate precision. After the tee has been installed, he then installs his shut off valve. We use the highest quality valves and then he runs his length of pipe to then bring the water line outside the home into the back. Each municipality requires a backflow preventer. What this does is it ensures that any water that’s being used for the sprinkler system does not come back into the house into the drinking system. We choose to use a brass device to ensure durability. We do an all copper plumbing hookup as you can see copper leaving the house, sleeve properly according to code requirements. And then copper again leaving the backflow until we go under the ground. The white plug at the bottom of the picture is the blowout plug. That enables us to provide easy quality service at the end of each season to winterize your sprinkler system. The timer is typically installed in the garage. You’ll find this more convenient than any other place because it enables you or our technician to go from the garage to the lawn without muddying up the inside of the house. But a typical timer is mounted on the wall and the transformer plugs into a standard outlet.

Next, to it, you’ll see the rain sensor indicator which works also as a bypass switch. The timer is very easy to use and we’ll teach you on how to use it. With every new system, we install an automatic rain shut off. It can be triggered by a quick rain as well as we can set it for you from a quarter inch to one full inch of precipitation. Many times on a job, we need to go underneath a sidewalk, a walkway, a patio or even a driveway. The technology we use is called boring. What you’re going to see here is exactly how we drill underneath these obstacles. You can see the drill is caught underneath the sidewalk and we can easily snake our pipe underneath the walk way. The machine you’re looking at is called a vibratory plow. The pipe is installed with minimal invasiveness. Thus minimal disruption to your lawn, landscape, and shrubbery. We leave a very small seam. When we have completed the installation of the piping networks. Yet the pipe is still anywhere from 6 to 12 inches deep on your installation.


New Jersey Sprinkler System Installation


Each sprinkler head is installed just slightly above the grade in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. This ensures that when you mow, that you will not chop the sprinkler heads off. The head is set flush to the earth. When water pressure drives the head up, it will pop up four inches thus clearing the grass even if it hasn’t been cut timely and will water the lawn as it’s designed to. What you see here is the manifold which is the heart of your residential sprinkler system. Within the manifold, which is made of Schedule 40 PVC or hunter valves, very high-quality products and then you’ll see the piping is at a minimum double clamped to ensure there are no leaks and you have a tight system. You’ll notice the main lines are even triple clamped. From this manifold, all the water leads into the sprinkler system zone by zone. The ballot box which is covered which houses the manifold from a distance, the green cover blends nicely into your lawn. When Royal Irrigation installs your system, we provide overlapping coverage, this ensures a continuous green lawn matches green circles one head reaches the next head.