It’s that time of the year.  While kids going back to school may signal Autumn for some, it’s still summer and lawns everywhere are parched.

Many of you reading may be living in areas where the grass appears to have turned to straw.  That means it’s dormant, because moisture levels have decreased to a critical level.  Often, summer brings watering restrictions, because a lack of rainfall has depleted available water stock in reservoirs.

For those of you who can still water without restrictions and have been trying to maintain your lawns for the sake of the kids, or family sports activities, you’ll need to know about how to water efficiently, with an eye to conservation.

Because Royal Irrigation cares about conservation and sustainability as much as we care about your lawn’s health, here are our tips about when to water and for how long.

Listen to your lawn.

If you hear it screaming in agony, it’s time to water.

Just kidding.  But seriously, your lawn will tell you when it needs water.  If it’s brown, you’re too late.  Just let it come back to life naturally, because it’s already in a coma.

A great deal depends on the weather conditions where you are.  In the summer, lawns can be watered up to three times per week, but that can vary wildly, depending on the kind of climate you live in.

Look at your lawn’s condition.  If it looks dull and tired, it’s in need of water.  If, when you walk on it, your footprints remain, then your lawn should be watered.  When it doesn’t bounce back from being walked on, it’s lost its vigor.

Remember to water in the morning, as if you water later in the day, much of the water used will evaporate, so your lawn doesn’t derive as much benefit.  Watering in the late afternoon can cause diseases to propagate, so early morning is the most advantageous time.

PRO-TIP:  Fertilizing your lawn makes it more resistant to dry conditions.

How much?

Watering deeply is the best way to maintain your lawn.  Just throwing the hose over it for a few minutes isn’t going to cut it.

Place a metal container in the vicinity of your sprinkler.  This will help you “measure” the depth of your watering.  You’ll need a ½ inch for lawns on clay soil and an inch for sandy soil, at least once per week (depending on climate and conditions).  When you see that amount of water in the container, that’s how long you need to water.

Innovation in irrigation.

Waterscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, is central New Jersey’s irrigation expert, bringing you innovative irrigation and lawn sprinkler solutions to help keep your lawn in tip top condition.  We also conceive and install landscape lighting to help you make the most of your home’s exteriors.

We’re committed to offering our clients superior service and quality, treating every one of them like members of our family and every home as though it were our own.  Contact us for more information.

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