wifi-controllerLet’s face it; you can pretty much do anything with your smartphone these days, so why not use it to control your irrigation system? That’s right; the future of irrigation is in your hands with your own wifi sprinkler controller. And at Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, we can give you the control.

Smartphone Irrigation Control

Just think, now you can manage your irrigation system from anywhere in the world with a wireless sprinkler system and your smartphone device. With a wifi irrigation controller, web-based software lets you oversee your watering schedules and receive alerts and alarms at home, at the office or on vacation – anywhere you are. An easy-to-use graphic touchscreen provides the convenience you need to keep your landscape healthy and attractive. Built-in water-saving features, including a wireless rain sensor that alters the daily watering schedule based on the weather forecast, make a wireless sprinkler system the smartest choice.

Will the Irrigation System Run in the Rain?

A wifi sprinkler controller from Wetscape not only saves water, but also saves you money, reducing your overall cost of use. If you’d like to experience the future of irrigation with your own wifi irrigation controller and wireless rain sensor, contact Wetscape, a Royal Irrigation Company, today at 732-993-7300. We’ll put the power of smartphone irrigation control in your hands.